Mission and values

Our Mission

As Japanese economy continues to face a dramatically changing business and financial environment, companies are required to deal with an increasingly diverse range of business issues as well. We strive to help the sustainable growth of the economy through leading the foreign-affiliated company to realize the full potential with our professional services of business consulting, financial advisory, audit, tax and accounting service.


Our values

Fukai CPA Office is strongly committed to the client focused approach, excellent professional service, comprehensive support and soft skill focus approach.


(1)Client focused approach: We are proud of always providing the best solution for the client 


(2)Excellent professional service: With combination of professional experience and academic

    success, we are focusing on distinguished professional service to our clients.

(3)Comprehensive support: We continue to provide comprehensive selection of accounting, tax,

    M&A and corporate finance services in order to respond our client's needs.

(4)Soft skill focused approach: As an accounting firm, we should continue to maintain hard

    skills whenever accounting or tax regulations are revised. Not only hard skills, we have put more

    emphasis on soft skills such as leadrship, communication and ethics to be act as a best partner of

    foreign firms. 

(5)Provision of service in English: In order for foreign affiliates and foreigners residing in Japan, we provide our

    services in English. Our management is one of a few CPAs in Kansai region who is able to speak English.