How to start a business in Japan

Asia region has become an increasingly important market, attracting a great number of companies from outside Asia. Among countries in Asia, Japan played and will continues to play a pivotal role in term of economics, finance and innovation.

Starting a business in a foreign country takes a series of processes unfamiliar to foreign entities. Fukai CPA Office supports a foreign entity to incorporate a company in Japan at ever step of process with collaboration with other professionals.

Business setup / Incorporation in Japan

The following table describes an example of incorporation cost in Japan. Note that it may vary, depending on where the head quater is registered legally.

Fukai CPA office provides comprehensive incorporation related services to start a business in Japan with an administrative scrivener. We mainly provides startup services in Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto. 

Example of incorporation cost   (US$)  
  Article of Incorporation  
  Paper Electronic  
Certification of Article of Incorporation 500 500  
Revenue stamp (Tax stamp) on incorporation 400 0  
Registration and license tax 1,500 1,500 *1
Commission / Fee to administrative scrivener 1,200 1,200  
Certificate of registered seal and other missllaneous 50 50  
Total 3,600 3,200  
*1 Greater of 150,000 yen or 0.7% of capital registered      

Minimum capital requirement

Under corporate Law in Japan, there is no restriction on minimum capital requirement upon incorporation of a Company limited (Kabushiki kaisha).


It may be practical to know that typically a small-size company is set up with capital of 3 million yen or 10 million yen in Japan.


Additionally, under Corporate tax law in Japan, a series of tax incentives are applied to the company with capital of 100 million yen or less. 


Representative Director

On or after March 16 2015, the repeal of the regulation that an entity is required to have at least one resident-representative director takes effect.

Under new regulation, a foregin company is allowed to establish a subsidiary in Japan without having resident-representative director.