Certified Public Accountant(CPA, Kaikeishi)

Accountant (officially called certified public accountant) is a professional national qualification for accounting and auditing with the mission to ensure credibility of financials statements.
Their expertise is hard to known in public due to the complexity of their mission (ensuring credibility of financial statements) and details of job contents (auditing).
Under capital society, economic resource shall be adequately allocated through the free activities of buying and selling of company shares.


Investors use financial statements for their decision making, however those are created by the company itself. In order to rely on the information, certain level of  checks practiced by the third party are highly required.
In this context, significance of certified public accountant’s existence is socially spotlighted as a professional who enables to confirm credibility of financial statements from an independent standpoint.
The processes of checking financials statements are called auditing. Auditing is not only matching check of the documents but also high-level judgement which requires to lead company’s economic activities into appropriate accounting process with considering complex accounting standard.
In general, company where has contacts with certified public accountant is in market and its shares are freely traded, in short, is a listed company (large enterprise).


Certified public accountant works in audit teams within the audit firm in order to audit listed companies whose financial documents are complex and large volume. On the other hand, some certified public accountants start own independent business with using their knowledge of accounting and taxation. Those certified public accountants provide services regarding accounting and taxation to small and medium sized companies.


Certified Public Tax Accountant(Zeirishi)

Tax accountant is a professional national qualification with the mission for the realization of the appropriate tax payments. Submission of Tax return form as a proxy for company and personal and tax consulting are exclusive business for only Tax accountant.

Companies (and personals) operating business are required to submit tax return form. Therefore, tax accountant involves wide range of companies (with comparing to certified public accountants’ involvement in mainly large companies), as a result, their existence is broadly recognized in public.


In many cases, tax accountant works in individual firms in case if the size of clients is relatively small. However, if  the size of clients becomes large, tax accountant works with teams in tax corporation, the organization where employs tax accountants.